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By | May 15, 2018

Net Equity: Old Stuff Money

Technology is advancing in a very fast and interesting pace. Almost every year there is an upgrade to older versions.

Upgrade of equipment and devices is almost a must especially in big companies. However, whenever there is already a brand new updated equipment, the old ones are then stored or put aside in a corner.

Even if these old IT equipment are still in great performance, it cannot be stopped from being replaced with an upgraded one sometime for reasons of compliance. Sometime they occupy space in the storage room since they cannot be just thrown away.

One possibility for this action may be because of the mentality that some parts of the old IT equipment may still be useful in the future.

If this be the case, it might post a hazard should old unused electronic types of equipment are stacked.

Now why not make money from the old stuff? Or some may want to donate these old types of equipment especially when they are still functioning.

Or some may make it a collection item for display. If none of these works then the best option then is selling or trading it off.

These old IT equipment have already served its purpose and it can still bring a little monetary benefit if sold. A trash for one person can possibly be a treasure to someone else.

Set limits and boundaries to the expectations of the appraisal and consider the wear and tear, the time of usage and the appearance of the item. So one might need to think of an idea on how to get the best value of selling an old equipment.

Several companies or individuals are into the buy, trade, and sell old electronic types of equipment.

One can try to look for a shop that appraises an old item appropriately. There is also an option to trade an old equipment.

It’s better to try to do a research and inquiry about these kinds of stores. Selecting a good buyer is tedious but it will be worth the effort if one will get a good value of an equipment that is almost wasted.

What are the chances that they can even make an old electronic equipment that is sold become something new and then the appraisal for selling will be higher. It is possible that they may have a system or procedure that will bring back the functionality of an old equipment that will match the new ones in the market.

Sell and make money in return or trade and get other useful types of equipment. It is not a good habit to put old electronic types of equipment in a garbage because its content is hazardous and may cause illnesses when sipped through the ground..

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