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By | May 15, 2018

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Camping Swag

Choosing the best camping swag comes with the need to enjoy a perfect camping experience. Camping swags are better preferred by camping fanatics, bikers and backpackers as compared to carrying around a tent. Camping swags are more preferred because they are easily manageable as compared to a tent that requires a lot of care. Thus, you need to be sure and precise to what you exactly need in a camping swag of choice. To finding the best camping swag use the following tips to assist you as you choose.

Ventilation is a key aspect of choosing the most preferred camping swag. You will find that a variety of camping swags have ventilation on the sides that resemble small windows to allow flow of fresh air. At the ventilations there is a netted material that allows in light and also prevents flying and crawling insects from entering the swag. Ensure that the ventilations have cover ups that allow you to cover them especially at night.

Determine the quality of the camping swag prior to choosing it. A quality camping swag will be made of quality canvas. Canvas materials are not easily damaged by adverse conditions. The formation of mold and mildew or a rot will not be a thing to worry about on a quality camping swag. Camping swags of good quality will come with small pockets that will come in handy when in need to put small gadgets.

Be sure to consider the size of the camping swag prior to choosing one. Swags have different sizes, like the single size swag is the smallest and can fit a small stature camper. There is also the king size swag that is a little bit wider than the single size and also the double size swag that can potentially fit two to three people. The number of items or amount of luggage or people you intend to bring when going for camping will determine the size of the camping swag to which you choose.

Put into consideration the water resistance and the breathability factor. A camping swag that is made of water-resistant material will not allow water into the swag. Keeping dry when camping during the rainy season is what you will get by using a water-resistant camping swag. Breathability of the camping swag ensures that the moisture generated from your body especially during the hot and dry season can easily be let through by the camping swag which avoids making your mattress damp.

The best camping swag should have the perfect zipper. A good zipper for your camping swag will work properly making sure that you are well covered from the outside environs. Test several zippers on how well they function to determine exactly how durable they are.

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